Our Mission:  Serve God by Serving Others

This firm’s mission is to serve God by serving our fellow man. Each person in our office believes God created them uniquely as an individual with a purpose and plan for their life. This is not a condition of employment but rather, as it turns out, a common perspective on life and work.

Specifically, we have the privilege of helping people deal with the details of life, as well as the details of death. It is our desire to provide wise and godly counsel to our clients. We always wish to serve our clients well, both as they want to be served and as we ourselves would want to be served. We know that we cannot and do not please all the people all the time but that is a goal we constantly work toward. We don’t impose our beliefs on those we serve. Yet, we pray our work will be performed in such a manner as to be pleasing both to the clients we serve and to the Savior we serve.

Although our vocation is focused on knowing and applying rules of law, we cannot ignore the human factor in our work. As we believe and can attest from personal experience, no human life is without its defects and no human relationships are without their unreconciled differences. It is our desire to see each person reconciled to their maker and to their fellow man. We sincerely desire all our clients’ relationships be whole and healthy. We desire our relationships be whole and healthy as well.